What are MMORPGs? Update the top game MMORPG on PC in 2022

Suppose you are a game lover, you must have heard a lot about the role-playing game genre. However, in terms of role-playing games, various types of them are quite strange somehow, including one of them is MMORPGs. So, do you know what is MMORPG and what are the top game MMORPG? Alright, we will let you find out in this article below.

What is MMORPG?

MMORPG is the abbreviation of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, a kind of online game multiplayer role-playing gameplay that has become one of the most attractive game categories now and then.

top game mmorpg

This game is a combination of multiplayer online games that require players to interact with each other in the atmosphere of the virtual world. In the case of many players joining, the key element that makes the game good or bad is the integration into life. And absolutely, MMORPG deserves to be considered the genre that does it best.

An overview of MMORPG

As with other best role-playing games, MMORPGs also carry most of the properties of RPG. However, there is a good point that MMORPG owns is the activities can continue to work even if the players have already left the games. 

Here are some common features found in all MMORPGs:

  • System of quests and monsters, virtual assets.
  • Chat system, exchange business, and create groups and associations.
  • Management and control system based on Game Masters.
  • The combat system is mainly based on leveling up, increasing power stats.
  • Compression system, guilds fighting, siege warfare, working together to kill bosses, classifying occupations.
  • The team system teams up with players to fight together, share experiences.

List of the top game MMORPG on PC 

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This would surprise you. Thematically, all the Dungeons and Dragons take the locations, classes, or the sorcery and abilities from the traditional game offline version and combine them to be the best MMORPGs. There would be lots of expansions without any fees that consist of new races and classes, publicized at the time as Neverwinter had been launched. Absolutely, that will bring the players from this place to other places with the safety of Neverwinter's itself, or to the lands of Icewind Dale where the occurrence of barbarians and harsh temperatures would make you worry about.

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 is well-known for being a Japanese MMORPG game playing on PC that was first released on September 30, 2010, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Mac OS devices. This kind of gameplay is highly appreciated and recommended by most of the players due to its attractive plot and gameplay as well as the great and wonderful character system. With an impressive player count of about over 20 million players until now, we still believe that Final Fantasy 14 certainly won't let you down.

Elder Scrolls Online

Compared to other types of MMORPG playing on PC, the ZeniMax Online Studios' Elder Scrolls Online possesses some outstanding features which are a faster-paced combat system, good storytelling, high-technique graphics, and a unique character and gameplay system. What is more, players do not conduct the system missions but also have to complete others missions to level up themself. Updated today, the Elder Scrolls Online PC MMORPG currently has received more than 13 million players joining in. 

Star Wars Old Republic

No doubt that the Star Wars Old Republic is one of the games MMORPG plays on PC that is completely free. The story in this game is based on the Star Wars franchise. By joining this game, you will be transformed into some of the highlighted characters such as Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter who are from the Star Wars universe, and start to explore the galaxy.

Guild Wars 2

The next top game MMORPG we would like to introduce to you guys is one of the best MMORPGs titles is the Guild Wars two which was released in 2012 and received support from the Mac OS Classic and Microsoft Windows platforms. The Guild Wars possessed impressive graphics which were highly invested and had interesting storyline and gameplay. Most of the players remarked that the outstanding feature of this game is the raid system that can give the players some experience of harsh challenges. Thus, if you are seeking an MMORPG PC game and wish to have great moments of relaxation, the Guild Wars two definitely deserve to think about.

Blade and Soul Revolution

This kind of game is based on Blade & Soul on PC which was exported from Korea.  This game is quite popular thanks to its many beautiful action sequences. The storyline focuses on the evil female Jinsoyun who will bring the players to the most experiences such as the enjoyment of wonderful skill displays  and attractive gameplay. Particularly, the game applies the real-time battle system from a third-person perspective. Furthermore, joining this game, players have to combine various attacks. For that, providing you wish to show all your skill- techniques to everyone, this game is high- recommended.

Albion Online

This game will provide you the moments of enjoyment, entertainment with crafting tools and hunting strange creatures. At the very beginning, players have to fight with others in the situations of being constantly alert for any dangers. Hence, Albion Online requires you to be tactical and calm to be able to make decisions correctly to win.

Above all the top game MMORPG role-playing genres for playing on PC. Hope this recommendation will help you to get more information about this kind of genre and then you can choose an ideal one for yourself. Alright, now and then, let's download one of the above games to your computer and install it and enjoy the exciting and dramatic moment as well.

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